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Our Process

Our process starts with enjoying our visit while listening to your needs, vision, colors, business description, and more. Then, it continues as we present your fresh, professional marketing materials, both printed and digital. And so a long relationship starts and continues as your marketing team.


We want to know who you are as a brand, product, and service. Second, we want to experience your personality. Third, we want to discover who your audience is and their demographics. Fourth, let’s find out who is your competitor’s attributes, and weaknesses are and where it is not present in the market. Finally, we want to define your key messages to build a strategy and the brand’s story and personality.


After identifying who you are, your product, service, and business, and defining the positioning and strategy, we can explore various contrasting creative concepts. The focus is to achieve appropriate, meaningful, and innovative ways to articulate who you are, your product and service, and what you want to say.


Once the parameters of the brand are established and critical areas which describe the client’s industry are sufficiently defined, the next step is to form a confident brand identity strategy. What colors, icons, details, phrases, objects, and typography, brings the brand up for everyone to see, admire, purchase and use? A goal will be to be different within the client’s market, transform if necessary, and welcome what makes the client and brand unique in the local area.


Now we have the colors, icons, details, phrases, objects, and typography, among other things,  well identified. The next step is to explore a spectrum of contrasting creative concepts. The priority is to attain relevant, meaningful, and innovative ways to communicate what the client, products, and services want to convey. Our goal is that, in the end, each design enables customers to connect the products' look and feel with the client's business. It is crucial to keep the options open and observe as the brand identity design progresses to see if it goes alongside the brand identity guidelines.


It is time to present your brand, product, and service for buyer acceptance through advertising, publicity, merchandise, or collateral material. Time is essential, so in most cases, the longer the period of the promotion, the more excellent the retention of your brand, product, and service in the minds of your prospect, client, and consumer. 

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